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Rescue actions

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Question № 11

Id: 6737
points: 3

What should you do, if a victim of an accident regains consciousness after a few minutes and wants to go home?

    I should give the victim something to drink and painkillers.
    I should encourage the victim to stay, watch the victim carefully and call for medical help.
    I should allow the victim to go home, recommending a visit to the doctor.

Question № 12

Id: 6738
points: 3

What should you use to dress severely-bleeding wounds?

    Only sterile gauze.
    A pressure dressing of gauze, cloth and bandage.
    Iodine and gentian.

Question № 13

Id: 7698
points: 3

How should you dress a heavily bleeding wound to stop the bleeding?

    Apply a pressure dressing.
    Pour iodine or gentian on the wound.
    Apply a usual dressing, e.g.: gauze or bandage.

Question № 14

Id: 7699
points: 3

In which of the following situation should you resolve to removing a casualty out of the crashed vehicle before the arrival of emergency serves, if you have reasons to believe that he has suffered a spine injury?

    When requested by the person being rescued.
    When there is threat to life of the injured person.
    When requested by the family of the person being rescued.

Question № 15

Id: 7700
points: 3

Which of the following substances must you not use to clean the wound?

    Salicylic spirit.
    Plain water.
    Hydrogen peroxide.

Question № 16

Id: 7701
points: 3

Which of the following actions is not appropriate in nosebleed treatment?

    Tilting the injured person’s head backwards.
    Leaning the injured person’s head forwards.
    Placing a cold compress on the injured person’s neck.

Question № 17

Id: 7702
points: 3

How should you treat an injured person with a severe bleeding from the forearm?

    Place a sterile dressing on the wound, bind it with a bandage and press firmly with a bandage roll, then raise the limb up.
    Remove the dressings soaked with blood and replace them with new ones.
    If the injured person is conscious let him do the first aid himself.

Question № 18

Id: 7703
points: 3

If you suspect a limb fracture, you should immobilise the casualty’s:

    only the joint closest to the fractured area.
    only the fractured area.
    both the fractured area and the joints above and below this area.

Question № 19

Id: 7705
points: 3

How should you treat the victim who has suffered a burn?

    Spread fat onto it.
    Cover it tightly with a bandage.
    Cool it with water.

Question № 20

Id: 7706
points: 3

In which of the following situations should you stop cardiopulmonary resuscitation?

    When the injured person starts breathing spontaneously.
    Always after 30 minutes.
    When you see the medical service ambulance approaching.

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