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Exam Questions

Rescue actions

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Question № 1

Id: 6726
points: 3

How should you protect a person who, while driving without his safety belts fastened, has suffered an injury to the face and probably of the neck spine, but is conscious?

    Hold his head and, if available, put on a cervical collar.
    Immediately remove the person from the vehicle.
    Do not touch the person at all in order not to worsen the injury.

Question № 2

Id: 6727
points: 3

What measures should you take in case of face burns suffered while removing the radiator cap?

    Apply greasy ointment.
    Apply a lot of egg white or linseed oil.
    Cool the face with cold water, cover with sterile gauze or hydrogel.

Question № 3

Id: 6728
points: 3

What should you do if some foreign matter has impaled itself into a passenger's forearm?

    Remove the foreign matter and apply a dressing.
    Seal the edges of the wound with a dressing and do not remove the foreign matter from the wound.
    Disinfect the wound with spirit.

Question № 4

Id: 6729
points: 3

When should you cease to perform resuscitation to a person who is a victim of an accident?

    In the event of a broken rib.
    After restoration of life functions (pulse, breathing).
    After calling qualified medical services.

Question № 5

Id: 6730
points: 3

Which of the following numbers should you call in order to call an ambulance to the scene of a road accident?


Question № 6

Id: 6731
points: 3

How should you provide first aid to a victim of an accident who still has a pulse, but is not breathing?

    I should not touch the victim, but call for help.
    I should immediately start a heart massage.
    I should clear the respiratory tract, and if this is ineffective, commence resuscitation.

Question № 7

Id: 6732
points: 3

Does the use of tranquilisers or painkillers affect the driver?

    It does not affect driving.
    Yes, it may lead to deterioration in the ability to drive.
    It does not have any such effect if it has been prescribed by a doctor.

Question № 8

Id: 6734
points: 3

What may be the consequences if a driver suffering from diabetes does not control their blood sugar level?

    Sudden loss of consciousness.
    A need to have frequent rests during the journey.
    Uncontrollable muscle contractions.

Question № 9

Id: 6735
points: 3

Is everyone obliged to administer first aid to victims of accidents?

    No, because aid may be given only by persons with medical training.
    Yes, because one can independently perform some of the first-aid activities.
    No, because penal liability may be imposed for any mistakes made.

Question № 10

Id: 6736
points: 3

How should you secure a victim of an open limb fracture?

    Apply a cotton dressing.
    Immobilize two adjacent joints.
    Immediately stretch the limb vigorously.

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