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Exam Questions

Mechanical aspects related to road safety

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Question № 21

Id: 7106
points: 1

What might cause a chipped insert of pantograph's graphite?

    A significant increase in the tram's rolling resistance.
    A rockinmg of the overhead line.
    Failure in operation of the power supply battery.

Question № 22

Id: 7107
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What may be the cause of automatic activation of the rail brakes?

    Damage to the drive shaft in the rear wheelset.
    Electrical damage to the converter.
    Pulling of the safety brake lever by a passenger.

Question № 23

Id: 7108
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What should you do if there is no response from the remote controlled rail switch?

    Manually position the rail switch.
    Reverse the wagon behind the adjusting point and drive through again.
    Drive according to the preset direction, assuming that the rail switch is locked.

Question № 24

Id: 7110
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What should be the distance of the lower edge of the Skimmer from the railhead?

    150 mm.
    120 mm.
    100 mm.

Question № 25

Id: 7111
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What might cause the escape of smoke from the Bogie?

    Wrongly positioned reversing switch in the second wagon.
    A short circuit in the motor windings.
    Excessive wheel slip during acceleration.

Question № 26

Id: 7112
points: 1

Can driving be continued, in the event of burn-out of one of the cable shunts in the the pantograph?

    Yes, without restrictions.
    No, because further driving may lead to a short circuit of the cable with the tram's bodywork.
    No, because it may lead to burn out of the second cable of the pantograph.

Question № 27

Id: 7114
points: 1

What might cause damaged to the spinning converter?

    Inability to reset the adjuster.
    Inability to reset the reversing switch.
    No cooling of the electrical equipment.

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