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Exam Questions

Mechanical aspects related to road safety

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Question № 11

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How should you proceed to replace a blown high voltage fuse?

    Simply turn off the converter.
    Lower the pantograph (current collector).
    Simply put on gloves.

Question № 12

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Which brakes are used to soft stop the tram at the tram stop?

    All types of brakes.
    The electrodynamic brake and in the final phase the parking brake.
    Rail brake and electrodynamic brake.

Question № 13

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What should a tram driver do when approaching a dirty rail switch?

    Continue driving without paying attention to the dirty state of rail switch.
    Stop and clean up the rail switch before driving on it.
    Call the municipal cleaning services.

Question № 14

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In what situations while driving, is the tram driver allowed to disable the driving lock?

    At the request of a passenger.
    Where the wagon is crammed full with passengers.
    It is forbidden in every situation.

Question № 15

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What should you check first if the tram fails to move after switching on?

    Converter voltage.
    The setting of the direction reverser.
    The closed door signalling device.

Question № 16

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What voltage should the voltmeter indicate when you turn on the battery?

    Not less than 38 V.
    Less than the value specified for the given type of tram.
    Greater than the value specified for the given type of tram.

Question № 17

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What Should a tram driver do, if upon switching on drive the shoe brakes fail to disinhibit?

    Continue driving without undertaking any actions.
    Undo the brake release
    Call traffic control, because it is not possible without special tools.

Question № 18

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What effect does pressing of the pedal or tilting of the electrodynamic brake's lever "beyond the limiter" induce?

    Activation of the rail brakes.
    Increased efficiency of the electrodynamic braking effect.
    Damage to the brake system.

Question № 19

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What most often cause loss of start-up?

    Tram power failure (e.g. loss of overhead connection or a tram stop "on the insulator").
    Damage to the internal lighting of the wagon.
    Weather conditions.

Question № 20

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What may cause low edges of the driving wheels?

    The wheels falling off the trackway.
    Skidding of the driving wheels.
    Locking of the wheelset.

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