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Exam Questions

Safety factors relating to the vehicle, load and passengers

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Question № 1

Id: 4065
points: 3

In what situations, can a tram driver let a passenger in a hurry in or out of the tram?

    While waiting for the lights to change.
    Only if the passenger is standing at the tram stop.
    Beyond the tram stop, at the express request of the passenger.

Question № 2

Id: 4067
points: 3

In which places can a tram driver let passengers in or out of the tram?

    At any location, including tram stops.
    At the tram stop.
    Only at the terminus.

Question № 3

Id: 4072
points: 3

What should a tram driver do before driving, immediately after closing the door?

    Carefully observe the surroundings and give a signal departure using the bell.
    It's enough to give a signal of departure using the bell.
    Only check the closed door signals.

Question № 4

Id: 4073
points: 3

Which position of the tram driver is correct when manually adjusting the rail switch?

    The position of the tram driver is irrelevant.
    With his back to the tram.
    Facing the tram.

Question № 5

Id: 4075
points: 3

In which place can the tram driver let passengers off due to lengthy traffic impediments?

    At any place of his choice.
    Only at the tam stop, regardless of the circumstances.
    In a place where there is no risk to passengers and road traffic.

Question № 6

Id: 4076
points: 3

What should a tram driver do to safely perform the electrical connection of the carriages?

    It's enough to lower the pantographs.
    It's enough to disconnect the batteries
    Lower the pantograph and disconnect the batteries.

Question № 7

Id: 4077
points: 3

How should the tram driver behave before leaving the cabin onto the road, beyond the tram stop, to manually set the rail switch?

    Turn off the converter.
    Park the tram and make sure that he can safely leave the cabin.
    Turn off all lights on the tram and set the reversing switch to the neutral position.

Question № 8

Id: 4078
points: 3

What could be the cause of interrupting the drive during start-up if the internal bell rings and there is no indication of closed doors?

    Opening of the windows if the interior is air-conditioned.
    Emergency opening of the door by a passenger.
    Burn-out of the converter fuse.

Question № 9

Id: 4092
points: 3

What should a tram driver do, if the passengers upon entering the tram, do not want to close the doors and their professional repair is necessary.

    Ask all the passengers to leave the tram and drive the empty tram back to the depot.
    Start driving with the doors open, warning the passengers of a possible inconvenience.
    Turn on the drive lock and continue driving with the passengers.

Question № 10

Id: 4138
points: 3

In what situation can a tram drive start driving, if the passengers have not moved away from the edge of the tram stop.

    If there is a delay relative to the timetable.
    On condition that he exercises particular caution.
    Only when passengers move away to a safe distance.

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