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Exam Questions

Safety factors relating to the vehicle, load and passengers

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Question № 11

Id: 6699
points: 3

Is it permitted to transport children to school in a trailer pulled by a tractor?

    Yes, if the trailer is suitable for carrying passengers.
    Yes, but no more than five children.

Question № 12

Id: 7542
points: 3

How are you allowed to carry persons in the trailer of a trackless train?

    Only in standing places.
    In standing places and on seats.
    Only on seats.

Question № 13

Id: 7614
points: 3

Is it allowed to leave a parked agricultural tractor with the plough raised?

    Yes, regardless of the time for which it is left.
    Yes, but only for a time up to five minutes.

Question № 14

Id: 7615
points: 3

When driving on a public road, can you carry in a trailer pulled by an agricultural tractor a cargo exceeding its permissible loading capacity?

    Yes, if the permissible loading capacity does not exceed its nominal size by more than 40%.
    Yes, but only on a route of no more than 5 km.

Question № 15

Id: 7617
points: 3

In what circumstances should a cargo protruding from the back of a trailer pulled by an agricultural tractor be marked?

    If it protrudes over 0.5 meter behind the rear surface contour of the vehicle.
    Only when driving on a paved road.

Question № 16

Id: 7618
points: 3

Which of the following ways of marking the load is allowed when it protrudes from the back of a trailer pulled by an agricultural tractor?

    Orange colour flag.
    White and red stripes placed directly on the load – with good visibility.
    Only with a reflecting light.

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