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Exam Questions

Responsibilities of the owner / owner of the vehicle, insurance, required documents

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Question № 1

Id: 2684
points: 1

When driving a tram you are obliged to carry on you and provide at the request of the relevant authority a document confirming the approval of the tram for traffic use?

    No, because such a document can only be found in the depot.
    No, because such a document does not apply to the tram.

Question № 2

Id: 2686
points: 1

How is authorized to inspect the documents of a tram driver?

    A police officer or the municipal police.
    An officer of any of the enforcement services, but only in the presence of a representative of the traffic control.
    Only a police officer.

Question № 3

Id: 3945
points: 1

When driving a tram, are you obliged to carry on you a document certifying the vehicle owner's liability insurance?

    No, because this document is found at the company's registered office.
    Yes, but he does not have to present it for inspection.

Question № 4

Id: 4066
points: 1

Which of these signs on the tram, in addition to the tram's route markings is required?

    rolling stock number.
    Registration plate, as in cars.
    rolling stock number, logo and name of city in which the tram runs.

Question № 5

Id: 4069
points: 1

When driving a tram, are you obliged to carry on you a driving permit for the vehicle?

    Yes, always.
    No, because it is not required for city transport.
    No, provided I have a relevant document issued by the employer

Question № 6

Id: 7102
points: 1

Which document entitles you to drive a tram?

    Category B driving licence.
    Category C driving licence.
    Permission to drive a tram..

Question № 7

Id: 7103
points: 1

Which of the following documents should carry on you while driving a tram?

    Certificate of competency.
    Driving licence
    Permission to drive a tram.

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