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Driving technique

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Question № 1

Id: 4013
points: 2

For what reason should the tram driver slow down when driving through a place with lowered overhead line e.g. under a viaduct?

    Because quick passage through such a place causes an echo that may disturb the residents of nearby houses.
    Because quick passage through such a place may damage the current collector and traction.
    Because it will be difficult to brake the vehicle.

Question № 2

Id: 4080
points: 2

How should a tram driver behave when driving through places with lowered overhead lines e.g. under a viaduct?

    Reduce speed over the entire section of the lowered overhead lines.
    Increase speed over the entire section of the lowered overhead lines.
    Always maintain a constant speed.

Question № 3

Id: 4081
points: 2

How should the tram driver drive when approaching an intersection?

    Coasting or braking.
    On start-up, accelerating.
    With the maximum permissible speed.

Question № 4

Id: 4082
points: 2

In what situation can the tram driver safely drive through the rail switch?

    When the rail switch signaling unit indicates that it has been reset.
    Without paying attention to the signalling unit, if there is delay relative to the timetable.
    When the switch points properly cling.

Question № 5

Id: 4083
points: 2

What behavior is required of a tram driver driving through the rail switches and frogs?

    To increase the speed.
    To reduce the speed.
    Not to change the speed.

Question № 6

Id: 4084
points: 2

Which rule of the driving technique should be adhered to by the tram driver when entering a sharp bend of the track?

    To maintain the current speed.
    To increase speed.
    To reduce speed.

Question № 7

Id: 4085
points: 2

What impact has the position of the tram driver's seat on the operation of the control devices?

    It has no impact.
    It has little impact.
    It has a crucial impact.

Question № 8

Id: 4086
points: 2

If a wheel slip occurs in a tram during start-up, you must stop, and then:

    repeat the start-up gently.
    repeat the start-up more vigorously.
    absolutely stop the tram.

Question № 9

Id: 4087
points: 2

What should a tram driver do upon sudden appearance of a vehicle on the tracks directly in front of the tram?

    Gently brake not to cause danger to passengers.
    Decisively brake trying hard to avoid a collision.
    Refrain from braking

Question № 10

Id: 4088
points: 2

How should you start-up a tram.

    In a manner that prevents the wheels from skidding.
    In a manner that causes a significant acceleration.
    In a manner that prevents overloading the batteries.

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