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Exam Questions

Different fields of view of the driver

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Question № 1

Id: 4009
points: 3

How do you behave when entering an equivalent intersection?

    I only look straight ahead.
    I observe the whole intersection and its surroundings.
    I only look to the right.

Question № 2

Id: 4136
points: 3

How should the internal mirrors on a tram be positioned?

    To see only the tram driver's cabin space.
    To see the area of the wagon close to the door.
    To see the outline of the vehicle.

Question № 3

Id: 4169
points: 3

How should the tram driver position the right external mirror?

    To see the entire platform and passengers.
    To see the side of the tram and the space behind the vehicle.
    It can be folded, because it is not useful while driving.

Question № 4

Id: 4551
points: 3

What should the tram driver do before driving onto the rail switch?

    Only look at the signalling device indicating the direction of the rail switch.
    Look at the switch point and signalling device indicating the direction of the rail switch.
    Only look in the direction of travel.

Question № 5

Id: 4552
points: 3

What should the tram driver do, seeing the signalling device indicating a change in the position of the rail switch to the right?

    Take a look at the switch points to make sure it is positioned in the right direction.
    Exclusively follow the indication of the signalling device.
    In any case, stop the tram and go out to the rail switch.

Question № 6

Id: 7076
points: 3

What factors might limit the tram driver's field of vision?

    Persons in the cabin.
    Only adverse weather conditions.
    Ads placed on the sides of the tram.

Question № 7

Id: 7077
points: 3

Which of the mentioned factors may have an impact on reducing the driver's field of vision?

    Only intense precipitation.
    Persons in the cabin.
    Ergonomics of the driver's seat.

Question № 8

Id: 7078
points: 3

Can the increase in speed have an impact on the perception of the tram driver?

    Yes, a higher speed results in a change of perception.
    No, the perception at high speed does not differ from perception at lower speeds.
    Yes, but only when driving in poor visibility.

Question № 9

Id: 7079
points: 3

What factor may impede proper observation of the road while driving a tram at night?

    Inability to distinguish shapes in the dark.
    Using properly selected glasses for night driving.
    Proper visual acuity of the driver.

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