Exam Questions
Exam Questions

Risk factors related to various road conditions, in particular, changes in these conditions depending on the weather and the time of day or night

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Question № 11

Id: 4131
points: 3

How should a tram driver behave, if the railheads are flooded with water on a considerable section?

    Stop the tram.
    Drive at low speed.
    Drive at high speed.

Question № 12

Id: 4132
points: 3

How should the tram driver behave, if he notices stones in the grooves of the rails?

    Drive at maximum speed so that the stones are thrown to the sides.
    Drive slowly, because a low speed ensures the tram does not derail.
    Remove the stones before driving through such section of the track.

Question № 13

Id: 4167
points: 3

What will you do to reduce the effect of internal fogging on the windshield when driving in the rain?

    I will turn on the windshield wiper.
    I will turn on air conditioning and direct airflow to the windshield.
    I will direct airflow to the feet.

Question № 14

Id: 4548
points: 3

"Sweating the rails" phenomenon consists in:

    wetting of the rails by rainfall.
    moisture settling on cooled rails, mainly in the autumn.
    evaporation of moisture after a rainfall.

Question № 15

Id: 4549
points: 3

How should the tram driver behave when it starts raining?

    Apply a softer start-up.
    Apply a more energetic start-up.
    Do not change method of start-up.

Question № 16

Id: 7071
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In this situation, is driving both trams straight on simultaneously permitted?

    Yes, without restrictions.
    Yes, provided you do not exceed the speed of 5 km/h.

Question № 17

Id: 7072
points: 3

What could be the reasons for the switch points not clinging?

    Foreign objects located in between the track.
    Snow covering the switch points.

Question № 18

Id: 7073
points: 3

What could be the reason for excessive skidding?

    Leaves lying on the rails.
    Water on the trackway.
    Snow on the rails.

Question № 19

Id: 7074
points: 3

What could be the reason for excessive skidding of the tram during start-upand braking?

    Black rail "fen soil".
    Gritty trackway.
    Heavy snow all.

Question № 20

Id: 7075
points: 3

In what situation is it recommended to use sandboxes constituting an equipment on the tram?

    Only on surfaces covered with water.
    Only on surfaces covered with snow.
    On slippery rail.

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