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Exam Questions

Clearances and vehicle braking

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Question № 11

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How should the tram driver behave in increasing traffic intensity?

    Reach maximum speed to make up for possible delays.
    Use the sound signal to speed up passage.
    Slow down and increase the distance from the preceding tram to lower the level of risk.

Question № 12

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In what situation, is it most difficult to assess the distance from a vehicle being passed or parked?

    During rainfall.
    During a fog.
    When the roadway or track is covered in snow.

Question № 13

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What distance should you maintain from the preceding tram?

    30-50 m when driving at a speed of 50 km/h.
    30-70 m regardless of the speed.
    Safe, necessary to avoid a collision.

Question № 14

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How do you perform service braking in a tram?

    By seamlessly pressing the brake pedal no further than the limiter, to stop at a particular place with a single pressing of the pedal.
    By releasing the dead man's switch and pressing the brake pedal beyond the limiter.
    By releasing the dead man's pedal.

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