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Vehicle safety related equipment

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Question № 1

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How many fire extinguishers must a two-car tram be equipped with?

    One fire extinguisher in each car.
    One fire extinguisher for the entire carriage.
    At least two fire extinguishers in each car.

Question № 2

Id: 4107
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What effect will the use of sandboxes during start-up on slippery rails trigger?

    Facilitates start-up - reduce wheel slip.
    Makes start-up difficult
    Will not affect start-up.

Question № 3

Id: 4108
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What type of fire extinguisher should a tram be equipped with?

    Foam fire extinguisher
    Water fire extinguisher
    CO2 fire extinguisher

Question № 4

Id: 4109
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Is driving a tram without covers on the couplings between the carriages from the side of the passenger doors permitted?

    It is prohibited
    It is permitted in every case.
    It is permitted provided there are markings on the couplers indicating prohibition of entry between the carriages.

Question № 5

Id: 4110
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In what situation can you use the emergency lights if the tram is equipped with one?

    To thank another vehicle driver for yielding the right of way.
    During each stop at a tram stop situated on the roadway (not separated)
    To signal the presence of a tram immobilised due to a breakdown.

Question № 6

Id: 4111
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In which situation, are you allowed to leave the tram depot with a damaged external warning bell?

    If you will only drive during the day.
    Under no circumstances.
    If the fault has been noted down in the tram's document and certified by technical service.

Question № 7

Id: 4112
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Which brakes perform an emrgency function in a tram?

    The electrodynamic brakes.
    The shoe brakes.
    The track brakes.

Question № 8

Id: 4113
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What is the purpose of the drive lock circuit ("green line")?

    It prevents the tram from entering a track occupied by a tram driving from the opposite direction.
    It prevents the tram driving with open (half-open) doors.
    It allows passengers to open the door before the tram stops.

Question № 9

Id: 4114
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What effect will the use of sandboxes when braking on slippery rails trigger?

    It will prolong the braking distance.
    It will reduce the braking distance - reduce wheel slip.
    It will not affect the braking distance.

Question № 10

Id: 4144
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Which of the mentioned braking systems should a cable car be equipped with?

    Electric brake
    Service brake

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