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Exam Questions

Mechanical aspects related to road safety, maintenance and current repairs

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Question № 1

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What necessary activities should be performed by a bus driver while replacing a wheel on the road?

    Leave the engine running.
    Raise the vehicle with a jack to a sufficient height to create a distance between the tyre and the surface.
    Release the parking brake, in order to ensure free movement of the wheel.

Question № 2

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What necessary activities should be performed by a bus driver while replacing a wheel?

    Place the jack in a place indicated by the producer.
    Disconnect the battery.
    After replacement, tighten the screws on the wheel with maximum force, without paying any attention to the recommended torque.

Question № 3

Id: 6923
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What fuel should be used in diesel engines commonly found in buses?

    Heating oil.
    Diesel oil meeting the relevant standards.
    Diesel oil with kerosene, in all temperature conditions.

Question № 4

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Can you add water to the cooling system of a bus engine?

    Yes, but only in emergency situations and when ambient temperature is above zero.
    Yes, but only when ambient temperature is below zero.
    No, under no circumstances.

Question № 5

Id: 6925
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What will you use to dilute the concentrate, which is the main component of the cooling liquid?

    Distilled water.
    Highly-mineralized water.
    Hydrogen peroxide.

Question № 6

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Which sub-assemblies of the bus are lubricated with gear oil?

    The engine.
    The gear box.
    Ball joints and CV joints.

Question № 7

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What causes ignition in a diesel oil?

    Low pressure of air compression.
    Low temperature of compressed air.
    High temperature of the air.

Question № 8

Id: 6929
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When you drive a bus, how can you identify excessive clearance of the steering mechanism?

    By an increased idle movement of the steering wheel.
    By excessive wearing of a tyre on one of the rear wheels.
    By decreased fuel consumption.

Question № 9

Id: 6930
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What symptom indicates a malfunction of the power steering system in a bus?

    Significantly reduced resistance of the steering wheel movement.
    Drifting of the front wheels sideways while driving on a bend.
    Significantly increased resistance of the steering wheel movement.

Question № 10

Id: 6931
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What symptoms observed while driving a bus indicates that there is excessive clearance in the universal joints of the steering system?

    Difficulty in maintaining a straight trajectory of motion.
    Increased resistance of the steering wheel.
    Ease of maintaining a straight trajectory of motion.

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