Exam Questions
Exam Questions

Safety factors relating to the vehicle, load and persons carried, responsibility of the driver / vehicle keeper

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Question № 11

Id: 7539
points: 2

It is prohibited to haul:

    a bus with an external boot.
    a bus with a trailer.
    an articulated bus.

Question № 12

Id: 7540
points: 2

Are you allowed to haul a lorry with a trailer by means of a bus?

    Yes, but only outside a motorway.
    Yes, without any limitations.

Question № 13

Id: 7687
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Which of the following functions does the retarder in a bus serve?

    It increases speed.
    It stabilises the trajectory on a slippery road.
    It ensures constant braking during a lengthy downhill drive.

Question № 14

Id: 7688
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Which of the following activities must you not perform when carrying passengers on the bus?

    Consume food.
    Talk on the phone in a manner that does not require holding a receiver or a microphone in the hand.
    Listen to the radio.

Question № 15

Id: 7689
points: 2

What is the maximum number of persons that you are allowed to carry in a tourist bus?

    As many as the seating capacity without taking into account the number of standing places.
    As many as the seating and standing capacity specified in the bus registration card.
    As many as the bus can fit provided that the door can be closed.

Question № 16

Id: 7778
points: 2

While driving a bus, are you allowed to consume food?

    Yes, when you are not carrying passengers.
    Yes, when you are carrying only one passenger.
    No, if you are driving on a motorway or express-way, regardless of the number of passengers carried.

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