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Exam Questions

Clearances and vehicle braking

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Question № 11

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points: 3

You are driving a bus. Which of the following factors should you take into account first of all when determining the distance from the vehicle in front?

    The intensity of the traffic.
    The number of passengers being carried.
    The weather conditions and the condition of the road surface.

Question № 12

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How many times will the braking distance lengthen if you double the speed of the bus that you are driving?

    Four times.
    Six times.

Question № 13

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How many metres distance from the preceding vehicle should you maintain when stopping in the tunnel due to a traffic jam?

    No less than 3 metres.
    Noless than 5 metres.
    No less than 7 metres.

Question № 14

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In which of these cases, does the engine brake turn off automatically?

    When the engine speed is less than 1500 rpm.
    When the vehicle speed is less than 30 km/h.
    When the ABS system turns on

Question № 15

Id: 8857
points: 3

How do you effectively stop a vehicle with an ABS?

    By pulse braking.
    By pressing the brake pedal all the way.
    Not pressing the brake pedal all the way.

Question № 16

Id: 8858
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What distance should you maintain when driving behind another vehicle?

    Necessary to avoid collision in the event of sudden braking by the preceding vehicle.
    20 m - on the expressway.
    80 m - on the highway.

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