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Exam Questions

Rules relating to the mode of transport, driver working and rest times, use of tachographs

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Question № 21

Id: 7850
points: 3

Which of the following information is a mandatory entry on the tachograph record sheet?

    Daily rest period of the driver.
    Engine RPM size
    Load mass of the vehicle

Question № 22

Id: 7851
points: 3

Under which of the symbols shown does the tachograph record intervals during work and daily rest periods?


Question № 23

Id: 7852
points: 3

For how long are you allowed to use the record sheets?

    For a period of up to 10% longer than that for which it is intended.
    For a period not longer than that for which it is intended.
    For any period

Question № 24

Id: 8852
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In which of these places can you stop the bus when you feel tired, while driving on the highway?

    On the emergency lane.
    At the rest area.
    On the exit road.

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