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Exam Questions

Safety factors relating to the vehicle, load and persons carried, loading and unloading of the vehicle, responsibility of the driver / vehicle keeper

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Question № 21

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Which of the following activities is prohibited if you are carrying persons outside the driver's cab in a lorry?

    Carrying another passenger in the cab.
    Talking to passengers.

Question № 22

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Which of the following rules should you apply when placing or fastening a load in a lorry?

    The center of gravity of the whole load should be as close as possible to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle.
    Heavier items should be placed above and lighter ones below.
    The method of fastening the load is independent of the characteristics of the load.

Question № 23

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You intend to carry loose load in an airtight charge box using a lorry. In which of the following cases are you required to additionally secure the load with proper curtains that will prevent the load from spilling on the road?

    In all cases, regardless of the nature of the load and transit conditions.
    Only when the load is dry and dusty.
    Only when the load is more than half the height of the charge box.

Question № 24

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How does the centre of gravity of a load affect the method of securing the load?

    It does not affect the method of securing the load.
    The high centre of gravity of the load may require the use of additional techniques to secure the load.
    The low centre of gravity of the load means that the load does not need to be secured.

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