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Exam Questions

Vehicle safety related equipment, vehicle weights and dimensions

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Question № 11

Id: 7197
points: 2

Will the airbag serve its function during an accident, if you fail to fasten the seatbelts?

    Yes, they are two independent safety systems.
    No, if the airbag opens, this will expose you to head or spine injuries.
    Yes, the airbag substitutes for the use of seat belts.

Question № 12

Id: 7522
points: 2

The height of a vehicle with a load must not exceed:

    3 m.
    3.5 m.
    4 m.

Question № 13

Id: 7523
points: 2

The gross vehicle weight of a trailer pulled by a lorry of gross vehicle weight rating over 3.5 tons must not exceed:

    the kerb weight of the lorry.
    the gross vehicle weight of the lorry.
    the gross vehicle weight of the lorry increased by 40%.

Question № 14

Id: 7524
points: 2

The speed limiter fitted in a lorry of gross vehicle weight rating of over 3.5 tons should limit the maximum speed to:

    90 km/h.
    100 km/h.
    120 km/h.

Question № 15

Id: 7525
points: 2

The length of a group of vehicles consisting of a lorry and a trailer must not exceed:

    17 m.
    18.5 m.
    18.75 m.

Question № 16

Id: 7526
points: 2

How many fire extinguishers should be fitted in a lorry in which you carry persons outside the driver's cab?


Question № 17

Id: 7720
points: 2

Are you allowed to carry loose material in a lorry, when the vehicle height together with the load is 4.5 m?

    Yes, but only on a motorway.
    Yes, on all roads except in a built-up area.
    No, it is forbidden on all roads.

Question № 18

Id: 7721
points: 2

You are carrying a load of 3m in width in a lorry of 2.55m in width. How far can the load protrude from one side of the vehicle?

    45 cm.
    25 cm.
    23 cm.

Question № 19

Id: 7722
points: 2

The pressure on a single non-drive axle must not exceed:

    8 tons.
    10 tons.
    7 tons.

Question № 20

Id: 7724
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Passage of the combination of vehicles consisting of a lorry and two trailers:

    does not require a permit regardless of the load being carried.
    does not require a permit, if no load is being carried on the trailers.
    requires a permit .

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