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Exam Questions

Mechanical aspects related to road safety

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Question № 51

Id: 10099
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What may be the sign of a broken brake cable in a passenger car?

    Increase in the braking force at uniform pressing on the brake pedal.
    Little or no resistance of the brake pedal u[pon pressing.
    A very high resistance of the brake pedal upon pressing.

Question № 52

Id: 10100
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Which of these, causes the failure of the compression ignition engine from achieving starter rotation?

    Faulty starter.
    Charged battery.
    Too loose alternator fan belt.

Question № 53

Id: 10101
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Which of these factors may be the reason for the car pulling to the left?

    Incorrect toe-in of the front wheels.
    Uniform air pressure in the car wheels.
    Malfunction of the electronic handbrake module.

Question № 54

Id: 10102
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Which of these factors may cause rapid wear of the tires on the front wheels of a passenger car?

    Slight overload of the vehic's lfront axle.
    Incorrect toe-in.
    Uneven road surface.

Question № 55

Id: 10103
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How do the dipped headlights illuminate the road in front of a passengers car?


Question № 56

Id: 10104
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In which of these cases are you obliged to replace the tyre with a new one in a passenger car?

    When the air vent is damaged.
    When there is a thin nail on the head of the tyre.
    When disformations are visible on the sides of the tyre.

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