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Exam Questions

Mechanical aspects related to road safety

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Question № 11

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Which of the listed emergencies makes it impossible to use a passenger car in road traffic?

    Invalid parking sensors.
    Invalid air-conditioning.
    Invalid "stop" lights.

Question № 12

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Which of the listed actions should be taken in the first place when the red engine oil pressure control light goes on while driving?

    Continue driving with decreased speed.
    Increase engine revolutions.
    Stop the vehicle and turn off the engine.

Question № 13

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What may be the consequences of a driver's failure to fasten their seat belts?

    More damage to the car in the event of a collision.
    More bodily injuries suffered by the driver in the event of an accident.
    Damage to the airbag.

Question № 14

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What does it mean when the braking pedal sinks down when you start the engine as you press the pedal?

    That the power brake system is working.
    That there is a high level of brake fluid in the master cylinder reservoir.
    That the ant-lock braking system (ABS) is working.

Question № 15

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What may be a cause of the excessive free play of the steering wheel in the car?

    Worn tie rod ends.
    Worn tyres.
    Unbalanced front wheels.

Question № 16

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What might be the cause of a vehicle pulling to the left while driving in a straight line?

    Operation of the power steering system.
    An improper wheel alignment.
    Low air pressure in the right front tyre.

Question № 17

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How is braking on a wet road affected by using tyres having tread wear exceeding maximum safety limits?

    Increased friction.
    The shortening of the braking distance.
    Decrease of friction and the lengthening of the braking distance.

Question № 18

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What may be the effect of worn shock absorbers on the front wheels?

    Increased tyre grip.
    Decreased tyre grip and steerability of the vehicle.
    Increased braking effectiveness.

Question № 19

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What may be the effect of not balancing the wheels of the vehicle?

    Blocking of the road wheels.
    Increased tyre life.
    Uneven tread wear.

Question № 20

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What would be most affected by wrong adjustment of external mirrors in a motor vehicle?

    Safety during acceleration.
    Safety during lane changes.
    Safety during passing.

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