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Driving technique

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Question № 21

Id: 6385
points: 2

What is not recommended to do when you go around a bend in a four-wheeled vehicle?

    To maintain a low, regular speed.
    To lean towards the bend.
    To suddenly close or open the throttle.

Question № 22

Id: 7707
points: 2

How should a driver’s seat be adjusted before starting to drive a vehicle?

    Slide it forward as close to the steering wheel as possible.
    In the way that guarantees an upright position of a driver.
    Slide it backwards, not too far however, so that you can easily press the clutch pedal with your left foot.

Question № 23

Id: 7708
points: 2

Which gear is appropriate to start driving a passenger car on a dry surface?

    The one in which the driving stopped.

Question № 24

Id: 7709
points: 2

A properly adjusted external mirror on a passenger car shows:

    only the space beside the vehicle.
    only the space behind the vehicle.
    a part of the vehicle side and the space behind it corresponding to the vehicle side.

Question № 25

Id: 7710
points: 2

Which of the following emergency braking techniques should be applied in a passenger car fitted with ABS?

    Quickly and firmly depress the brake pedal.
    Smoothly depress the brake pedal, gradually increasing the pressure until the ABS activates.
    Pump the brake.

Question № 26

Id: 7823
points: 2

Which of the following activities are you obliged to perform before driving the vehicle shown?

    Only wipe off snow on the front windscreen of the vehicle.
    Only wipe off snow on the car glass.
    Wipe off snow on the car glass, engine cover, roof and mirrors.

Question № 27

Id: 10074
points: 2

How should you behave when entering a section of a road covered with puddles?

    Limit driving speed.
    Increase driving speed.
    Take the traffic lane reserved for vehicles coming in the opposite direction.

Question № 28

Id: 10075
points: 2

Which driving lane should you take in the initial stage when performing a manoeuvre at the left turn shown here?

    Go as far as possible to the centre of the roadway, crossing the double solid line.
    Go to the centre of the roadway, but not crossing the double solid line.
    Go close to the right edge of the roadway.

Question № 29

Id: 10076
points: 2

Which of these driving techniques applies to the term "eco-driving"?

    Using only the service brake to reduce speed.
    Using the engine to reduce driving speed.
    Changing gears frequently to maintain a high engine revolution.

Question № 30

Id: 10077
points: 2

Whic of these driving techniques applies to the the term "eco-driving"?

    Frequent use of the service brake.
    Avoiding sudden braking and acceleration.
    Frequent change of gears.

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