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Exam Questions

Different fields of view of drivers

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Question № 21

Id: 10070
points: 2

What factors influence the improvement of the field of vision?

    Increase in vehicle speed.
    Decrease in vehicle speed.
    The stress level of the driver.

Question № 22

Id: 10071
points: 2

Which of the following road elements should you observe when driving on the highway?

    Only the traffic lane in front of your vehicle.
    The entire roadway and hard shoulder in front and behind the vehicle.
    Only your traffic lane and the right hard shoulder in front of the vehicle.

Question № 23

Id: 10072
points: 2

How should the external mirrors of the passenger car be positioned?

    Such that half of the mirror is visible through the window of the front doors.
    Such that the side of the car is not visible in the mirror.
    Such that a fragment of the side of the car and and the road behind is visible in the mirror.

Question № 24

Id: 10073
points: 2

In what way does the speed of the car affect the field of vision?

    The field of vision decreases along with an increase in speed.
    The field of vision increases along with an increase in speed.
    It has no influence.

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