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Exam Questions

Clearances and vehicle braking

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Question № 31

Id: 10052
points: 3

When driving a passenger car in a 600 m long tunnel in a built up area, are you obliged to maintain a distance of not less than 50 m from the preceding vehicle?

    Yes, but when driving a car of gross weight exceeding 2.5 tons.

Question № 32

Id: 10053
points: 3

What distance should you maintain when overtaking a motorcyclist?

    Safe distance, less than 1 m.
    Any distance, but safe.
    Not less than 1 m.

Question № 33

Id: 10054
points: 3

Which braking method do you apply in the event of an ABS failure on a slippery surface?

    Pulse braking.
    Pushing the brake pedal all the way down.
    Pulling up the handbrake.

Question № 34

Id: 10055
points: 3

When are you obliged to change to the right lane after an overtaking monoeuvre?

    When I see the rear of the vehicle being overtaken in the right reverse mirror.
    When the overtaken vehicle is 100 m behind me.
    When i'm sure that there is no risk of "cutting in" on the vehicle being overtaking.

Question № 35

Id: 10056
points: 3

Whic of these factors has a direct impact on the total stopping distance of a passenger car?

    The amount of fuel in the tank.
    The condition of the steering system.
    The reaction time of the vehicle driver.

Question № 36

Id: 10057
points: 3

Which of these factors has a decisive influence on the determination of the distance from the vehicle in front of us?

    Length of the vehicle.
    Width of the vehicle.
    Speed of the vehicle.

Question № 37

Id: 10058
points: 3

Which of these factors should you take into account when executing an overtaking manoeuvre?

    Appropriate temperature inside the vehicle.
    Maintaining a safe distance.
    Distance of the vehicles behind.

Question № 38

Id: 10059
points: 3

By how much does the braking distance increase, if you double the speed?

    2 times.
    3 times.
    4 times.

Question № 39

Id: 10060
points: 3

You are travelling on the highway and intend to exit it. At what point do you start braking before the exit from the highway?

    Before entering the exit lane (exit).
    After entering the start of the exit lane (exit).
    At any point on the highway.

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