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Exam Questions

Vehicle safety equipment, use of seat belts, headrests and child seats

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Question № 11

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What is the function of the anti-lock braking system (ABS) applied in cars?

    It helps to change the course of driving while braking.
    In shortens braking distance in all conditions.
    It prevents the loss of the drive wheel grip while accelerating.

Question № 12

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What is the function of airbags?

    They reduce damages to the car as a result of a crash.
    They provide full protection of the driver and passengers in case of a crash.
    They reduce bodily injuries which may be suffered by the driver and passengers as a result of a crash.

Question № 13

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Should you wear your seatbelts while driving in these road conditions?

    No, if I am travelling at a low speed.
    Yes, in any case.
    Yes, but only while travelling faster than 50 km/h.

Question № 14

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Which of the following persons are exempted from the obligation to use safety belts when travelling in a passenger car?

    Every passenger at the back seat of the vehicle.
    Every passenger consuming a meal.
    Woman with a visible pregnancy.

Question № 15

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What is the function of the ABS (anti-lock brake system) in a vehicle?

    It prevents wheels from skidding when starting off.
    It allows the driver to control the vehicle at the time of sudden braking.
    It always reduces the braking distance.

Question № 16

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Which of these damages to the safety belts indicates an absolute need to replace the belt with a new one?

    Twisting or curling of the seat belts.
    Abrasion, tear and narrowing of the seat belts.
    Persistent dirt and stains on the belts.

Question № 17

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Which of the mentioned body parts is the headrest on the vehicle seat designed to protect?

    The cervical spine.
    The frontal bone
    The occipital bone.

Question № 18

Id: 10048
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What is the purpose of the triangle, which is a mandatory equipment for passenger cars?

    Marking the load on the roof rack of the vehicle.
    Warning of an immobilized vehicle on the road due to breakdown.
    Warning of faulty rear position lamps of a moving vehicle.

Question № 19

Id: 10050
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With which system in a passenger car does the anti-lock "ABS" operate?


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