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Rescue actions

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Question № 21

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Is everyone obliged to give first aid to victims of accidents?

    No, because aid may be given only persons with medical training.
    Yes, because one can independently perform some of the first-aid activities.
    No, because penal liability may be imposed for any committed mistakes.

Question № 22

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What should you do if you identify an open fracture?

    Apply a cotton dressing.
    Immobilize two adjacent joints.
    Immediately stretch the limb vigorously.

Question № 23

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What should you use as a dressing of severely-bleeding wounds?

    Only sterile gauze.
    A pressure dressing of gauze, cloth and bandage.
    Iodine and gentian.

Question № 24

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Why is the side position is a safe position for unconscious as well as breathing persons?

    Because it provides the victim with the greatest comfort while waiting for the ambulance.
    Because it protects against injuries of the neck section of the spine.
    Because it prevents any blocking of the respiratory tract and choking.

Question № 25

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Which of the following actions apply to drivers involved in a motor vehicle accident in which there are no fatalities or victims?

    Remain at the scene of the accident.
    Call the Police.
    Remove the vehicle from the scene of the accident so as not to impede traffic.

Question № 26

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What should be your first reaction when a child fastened in a child safety seat chokes on food?

    Go to hospital as quickly as possible.
    Stop the car, take out the child and, holding it head downwards, pat it on the back.
    Call an ambulance by telephone, without offering any help to the child.

Question № 27

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What can you not do when involved in an accident in which there are casualties?

    Call the fire brigade.
    Administer first aid.
    Move the vehicle to the hard shoulder.

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