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Exam Questions

Safety factors relating to the vehicle, load and passengers

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Question № 21

Id: 6590
points: 2

What should you mainly pay attention to when you fill up a moped with fuel?

    That I do not fill up more than 3/4 of the capacity of the tank.
    That I do not spill fuel on the hot engine or hot elements of the exhaustion system.
    That the engine is turned on.

Question № 22

Id: 7170
points: 2

Which of the following activities are you not allowed to perform while riding a motorcycle?

    Carrying a child aged under 7.
    Using a mobile phone while riding, if this requires you to hold the phone in your hand.
    Using GPS.

Question № 23

Id: 7171
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Can you ride a towed motorcycle if you do not hold a motorcycle licence?

    Yes, if the motorcycle is towed by means of a rigid coupling.
    Yes, regardless of the type of coupling.

Question № 24

Id: 7253
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What must you not allow a passenger to do when you transport him on a motorcycle?

    To talk on a mobile telephone.
    To talk to you.
    To travel without a helmet.

Question № 25

Id: 7509
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Is it allowed to carry an intoxicated passenger:

    Yes, on the back seat of a motorcycle
    Yes, in a trailer pulled by a motorcycle.
    Yes, in a sidecar.

Question № 26

Id: 7510
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You intend to haul a motorcycle by means of another motorcycle. How should both vehicles be connected?

    With a flexible connection device, in a manner excluding the possibility of its disengagement.
    With a flexible connection device, in a manner allowing for easy disengagement.
    With a rigid connection device.

Question № 27

Id: 7511
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Gross vehicle weight of a trailer pulled by a motorcycle must not exceed:

    the kerb weight of the motorcycle; however, it must not be larger than 100 kg.
    the gross vehicle weight of the motorcycle.
    the gross vehicle weight of the motorcycle decreased by 40%.

Question № 28

Id: 7566
points: 2

Which of the following rules should you follow when refuelling a motorcycle?

    The petrol tank should be around 60 per cent filled.
    Petrol should not be spilled on the hot elements of the exhaust system.
    The motorcycle engine should be running.

Question № 29

Id: 7567
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Are you allowed to carry a passenger under the influence of substances with similar effects as alcohol on a single track motorcycle?

    Yes, if you think it will not endanger the riding safety.
    Yes, on condition that you are riding on a dirt road.

Question № 30

Id: 7568
points: 2

In what conditions are you allowed to carry an intoxicated passenger on a motorcycle?

    In any condition.
    Only when the person is carried in a sidecar.
    Only when you reduce the speed to 30 km/h.

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