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Exam Questions

Different fields of view of drivers, visibility of motorcycle drivers

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Question № 11

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Which of the following factors can limit your field of vision on the road when riding a motorcycle during the day?

    Ill-fitted helmet.
    Badly positioned lights in the motorcycle
    Too tight motorcycle suit.

Question № 12

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With increasing speed of the vehicle the motorcyclist’s angle of view:

    remains unchanged.

Question № 13

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How should you observe the road while riding your motorcycle, if you intend to enter the traffic lane on your left?

    By just looking into the left mirror.
    By just turning your head.
    By looking into the left mirror, and if necessary, turning your head.

Question № 14

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How can you improve visibility when approaching a turn with limited visibility on the right?

    I'll go close to the axis of the roadway.
    I'll go close to the right edge of the roardway
    I'll travel in the middle of the traffic lane.

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