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Clearances and vehicle braking

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Question № 21

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When riding a motorcycle, on which of the following factors does the distance from the preceding vehicle depend?

    On the road traffic intensity.
    On the condition and type of the road surface.
    On whether there is a hard shoulder to the road.

Question № 22

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What distance from the vehicle being overtaken or another traffic user must you keep while riding a motorcycle outside a built-up area?

    At least 1.5 metres if you are overtaking a column of pedestrians.
    At least 2 meters if you are overtaking a bicycle.
    At least 1 meter if you are overtaking a motorcycle.

Question № 23

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Are you allowed to ride a moped for a long time on the road beside another moped?

    No, it is forbidden.
    Yes, if the distance between the mopeds does not exceed one meter.
    Yes, if this does not hinder the mobility of other road traffic users.

Question № 24

Id: 7585
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Which of the following factors has the greatest effect on the motorcycle braking distance when riding in good weather conditions?

    The rider’s response time.
    The speed at which the motorcycle is moving.
    The outfit used by the motocyclist.

Question № 25

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What minimal distance should be kept between columns of mopeds?

    100 metres.
    200 metres.
    500 metres.

Question № 26

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What distance should be kept while overtaking a column of pedestrians with a moped?

    Safe, but not shorter than 1 meter.
    At least 1.5 meters.
    Any distance. The rules do not stipulate this.

Question № 27

Id: 7599
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If the braking distance of the motorcycle you are riding at the speed of 30 km/h is 6 metres, increasing the speed to 60 km/h will result in:

    increasing the braking distance to 12 metres.
    increasing the braking distance to 24 metres.
    increasing the braking distance to 36 metres.

Question № 28

Id: 7717
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In what way does doubling of the motorcycle speed affect the braking distance?

    It doubles the braking distance.
    It quadrouples the braking distance.
    It does not change the braking distance.

Question № 29

Id: 7828
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You are driving a motorcycle in the rain. How should you react when you notice that the rear tyre of your vehicle is losing grip?

    Apply the brake immediately.
    Slow down immediately, reducing first of all the engine rpm.
    Immediately reduce the gear.

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